Some basic information on child support orders in Illinois

Some basic information on child support orders in Illinois

35010665_S.jpgWhen discussing issues like child support, emotions tend to run high. Non-custodial parents who struggle to make child support payments are often called “deadbeats.” While custodial parents who seek to enforce the support order are sometimes accused of being “greedy” and vindictive.

So which side has it right? As usual, the truth is somewhere in between these extremes. Indeed, most parents want what is best for their children, regardless of whether they pay or receive child support. Unfortunately, when it comes to determining monthly payment amounts, there can be legitimate disagreement about what is reasonable and fair.

Illinois courts consider a variety of factors when determining how much child support is needed and what non-custodial parents can afford to pay. These guidelines are intended to be objective measurements and not punitive guesswork.

If you live in Illinois and will likely be paying child support in the near future, courts will look at information that includes your net monthly income, how many children you have to support and how much you already support your children indirectly through things like family health insurance.

If you have previously been married and/or have minor children from a former relationship, the child support calculation will also consider what you may already be paying in alimony and child support.

Regardless of whether you pay or receive child support, you should know that child support orders can be modified when necessary. Common reasons to seek modification include:

  • A significant change in one parent’s income or assets
  • A significant change in the costs of raising a child due to special circumstances
  • Any other factor that would affect the obligor’s ability to pay or the custodial parent’s costs related to kids

Although child support tends to be pretty straightforward, you may nonetheless have questions. To learn more, please visit the Illinois child support page on our website.

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