Celebrating single fatherhood this Father’s Day

Celebrating single fatherhood this Father’s Day

19204046_S.jpgThis weekend, families all over the nation will celebrate Father’s Day. The modern American family comes in all shapes and sizes. One particular kind of family will have a very specific reason to celebrate this weekend. When families are headed up by single fathers, this day takes on a unique meaning. For not only is fatherhood a reason for celebration, single fatherhood is a reality that allows many families to thrive despite unique obstacles.

The reasons why single fathers have primary or sole child custody of their children are rarely as important as the reasons why single fathers embrace their role on a daily basis for the sake of their kids. Single parenthood is rarely easy. And this is why celebrating single fatherhood this weekend allows each of us the opportunity to honor the act of holding a family together against powerful odds.

In addition, it is particularly important to honor single fathers because American society usually paints single parenthood as a mother-driven reality. There are numerous reasons to celebrate single mothers in today’s world. However, celebrating single fathers is important partially because their struggles are recognized far less frequently than the struggles of single mothers are.

Please, take some time this weekend to recognize the single fathers in your life. The cultural, societal and practical pressures that these men face are unique. The fact that these men often navigate these pressures gracefully is a reality worthy of praise. Happy Father’s Day to every loving single father in America who works daily to ensure that his family thrives despite the presence of unique obstacles and pressures in his life.

Source: The Huffington Post, “6 Powerful Life Lessons Learned From Single Dads,” Brittany Wong, June 19, 2015

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