How interstate custody can affect your life

How interstate custody can affect your life

8183289_S.jpgWhen a married couple has a child and they decide to file for divorce, things can become very complicated. Custody of the child will obviously be at the top of the list of issues that need to be handled in the divorce. While there are some couples who contest custody, many others are able to agree to some form of joint custody.

No matter what form of custody is agreed, the custody arrangement can become complicated when one of the parents moves out of state. The reasons for moving out of state may vary — maybe the individual got a new job, or they moved for safety reasons, or they moved because of a medical emergency (for themselves or a family member) — but one thing remains the same, and that is that the custody arrangement will have to be adjusted in some way.

How the interstate custody case is worked out depends on the circumstances of the case. But, in general, all states have adopted uniform custody rules, which can make the process a little easier. Also, there are rules in relation to which state will make the decision on a new custody arrangement. They go in order of:

  • The child’s home state
  • The state where the child has the most connections to people
  • The state where a child is for safety reasons
  • The state that doesn’t meet these three requirements

No matter how your interstate child custody case comes about or how complicated it may be, you should consider consulting with an attorney.

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