Three reasons fathers can face their fears in custody actions

Three reasons fathers can face their fears in custody actions

8078210_S.jpgFor fathers, having the opportunity to be in your child’s life should be an easy question to answer. However, the challenges of decision-making disputes and emotional battles with the other parent can make parenting difficult. Additionally, the uncertainty of how a family court judge may view you can raise your anxiety.

Despite your fears, there are ways to prepare for success in a custody action. This post will identify three things that can help. 

People in the system have heard it all before – Whether you have an ex who is threatening to disclose all your misdeeds (i.e. a criminal record, sexual orientation), chances are that the court has dealt with it before. Take solace that parents are judged on their ability to care for their children and look out for their best interests, and that no parent is “perfect.”

Family court judges care about the kids first – If you have heard the phrase “the best interests of the child” thrown around, it basically means that the kids wellbeing is taken as a priority before a parent’s trepidations about how the other parent may not be a suitable parent. Absent genuine and documented concerns about a child’s physical and emotional health, a parent’s individual worries are not likely to be the basis for withholding parenting time.

Both parents should spend time with child – Essentially, a child’s best interests are served when both parents are involved in the child’s life. This may mean that a parent who sees the child exclusively may now have to share time.

If you have additional questions about preparing for a custody action, an experienced family law attorney can advise you.


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