3 lessons you can learn from Johnny Depp’s split

3 lessons you can learn from Johnny Depp’s split

11066284_S.jpgReaders of this blog may be aware of the fact that actor Johnny Depp and his wife, actress Amber Heard, are getting divorced. While this story might not seem to have any relevance to you, the fact is there are some things we can learn from this and other high-profile splits.

Below we examine some of the important lessons we can all learn from these situations and how it is possible to address them.

  1. You can’t control what others think or say: After someone files for divorce, spouses and supporters of each spouse can believe or say things about the relationship that may not be true. In Depp’s divorce, as noted in Vanity Fair, people are making public statements. In your divorce, you might see an in-law or acquaintance making comments on Facebook. In either case, unless someone is breaking the law, you can’t do much to put a stop to it. Instead, you will want to stay focused on yourself and the facts.
  2. You can protect yourself before you get married: Reports suggest that Depp and Heard may not have had a prenuptial agreement. If you don’t either, you will likely find that the process of dividing assets and deciding on spousal support will be very complicated, even if you don’t have significant assets. Rather than take this risk, it can be crucial that you examine your options for a prenup prior to getting married.
  3. It can get ugly: Divorces can get very bitter and contentious thanks to feelings of anger, fear and resentment. Even if you aren’t rich or famous, you still have many things at stake in a divorce, from the custody of your kids and spousal support to your emotional well-being. Seeking a fair and satisfactory settlement can be very difficult when, like Depp and Heard, two people are in such a heated battle.

Thankfully, many people will not have to cope with all this in the public eye. However, that doesn’t mean your divorce will be easy.

In order to protect yourself, your family and your future, you can work through the many challenges every person can face during a divorce with an experienced attorney. Have someone by your side can prove to be a critical resource and valuable asset during such a tumultuous time.

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