Is technology hurting your divorce?

Is technology hurting your divorce?

45779084_S.jpgThere has been a lot of talk about the many ways that social media and dating apps affect relationships, including marriages. We read stories about people who start affairs online or spend more time online than they do with the people around them.

However, this technology doesn’t just have the potential to hurt people in relationships; it can also do damage to people trying to end relationships. If you are getting divorced, there are some important things you will want to avoid in terms of using technology in order to protect yourself, your family and your future.

To begin with, you may want to stay away from or limit your use of social media sites. As the author points out in this Huffington Post article, it be emotionally difficult to see people, including your ex and your ex’s loved ones, doing and saying things that could hurt you. It can also be very tempting use these sites to try and hurt them back. In the end, spending too much time on social media can make you feel worse.

It can also be important to take information you read online with a grain of salt. State laws vary and no two experiences are exactly alike. So while there is plenty of helpful information to be found in a quick internet search, it may not necessarily apply to you. For information specific to your case, you can discuss the details of your divorce, your rights and your legal options with an attorney.

Finally, you might find yourself thinking about using technological means to try and get dirt on your ex. You could be considering hacking into their email, secretly installing software to try to spy on your ex’s online activities or signing in as them on Facebook to view private messages or post hurtful things. However, all this can backfire if you are accused of breaking the law or being deceitful.

It is true that technology can be of great benefit in many ways. However, if you are getting divorced, it will be wise to think long and hard about your digital activities and decisions. If you have questions about what you should or should not do, you can first consult your attorney to avoid making a serious mistake.

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