A reminder that divorce isn’t always a bitter end

A reminder that divorce isn’t always a bitter end

41099799_S.jpgOur source article for this post is a bit different than most other sources. It is a collection of Instagram posts that show divorcing couples posing for their “divorce selfie.” Basically, divorcing couples are celebrating their divorce by taking a picture of themselves with their ex-spouses and showing the world that they are not confined or constrained by the stereotypes of divorce and the way most people expect certain events to turn out.

It’s an important lesson to learn because most people think that a divorce involves two angry spouses who can’t even be in the same room with each other without yelling or getting into an argument. While such relationships do exist, there is also another end of the divorce spectrum. Some splitting couples are perfectly happy and comfortable with their divorce, and they don’t see their ex-husband or ex-wife as an enemy, either in the divorce or in life.

A collaborative or more amicable divorce can be very beneficial for a splitting couple, though these options aren’t for everyone. Some couples have very serious issues that need to be tended to, and they simply can’t be settled quickly in such a collaborative divorce.

But an amicable divorce can spare a splitting couple some of the costly time and litigation associated with court proceedings during divorce. The wall of Instagram pictures in our source article serve as an important reminder that everything can’t just be reduced to a common refrain or cliche. Sometimes, divorce can actually be a beautiful thing.

Source: Huffington Post, “15 Times Divorced Couples Took A Selfie To Mark The Occasion,” Carolin Lehmann, Aug. 9, 2016

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