Deciding to divorce: financial considerations to make

Deciding to divorce: financial considerations to make

34058336_S.jpgImagine a married couple that lives many years together. They obviously get used to a certain lifestyle and a certain routine, right/ Well, one day they have an argument that has been building for years, and the couple realizes that they have hit a very serious and potentially relationship-breaking impasse. After weeks, or perhaps months, of therapy and trying to figure out their problems, they realize there is simply no fixing their problem.

They decide to divorce.

Now, this couple that is comfortable with their routine and lifestyle has to dramatically shift the way they live. They are going through a bit of a crisis and they are about to deal with some serious financial issues.

With this hypothetical in mind, here are a few things this couple should consider:

  • Be reasonable about which issues you contest. Given the contentious nature of divorce, some people think that you are supposed to contest every aspect of a divorce to ensure you get what you deserve. But actually, it can be much more productive to focus on the issues you truly care about (not the ones your spouse cares about and you contest just to irritate them). It saves time and spares you unnecessary stress.
  • Pay down joint debt. This is a simple one. If you and your spouse share any piece of debt, you should pay it down as quickly as possible to avoid some complex financial litigation relating to the debt.
  • Plan for your post-divorce life. More specifically, prepare for a changed financial landscape that may force you to embrace a different financial lifestyle and routine.

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