How a military divorce adds complex layers to the process

How a military divorce adds complex layers to the process

49812917_S (1).jpgDivorce is an inherently complicated situation for any couple or family going through the process. But imagine now if one of or both of the spouses involved in that divorce was a member of the United States military. In these cases — though many of the logistics are similar to a non-military divorce — there are numerous complex circumstances involved in completing the divorce.

The first is jurisdiction. Military divorce can occur at both the federal and local level. For example, while the military pensions involved in the divorce may be dealt with at a federal level, the spousal support aspects could be handled at the local level. In addition, jurisdiction is usually tied to the home state of the spouses, even if the military spouse has been deployed overseas or is training in a different state. These factors add a complicated layer to traditional divorce proceedings.

There are also unique and important assets that are involved in a military divorce. What happens to your military pension in a divorce? What about health and other benefits provided through the military? What about survivorship benefits?

Given the incredible importance of any divorce, it is vital for anyone going through the process to get an attorney. But it is especially important for member of the military to reach out to an experienced family law attorney during these proceedings. There is so much more that they may have to deal with that having that legal help in their corner is absolutely vital.

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