When change is necessary, consult with an attorney

When change is necessary, consult with an attorney

You would hit a very comfortable point in your life if you never had to change, right? If everything was just as you wanted it to be and there were guarantees that none of that would change, then you would likely accept that stasis. However, such a scenario doesn’t exist. Life is always changing. Circumstances are always changing. And as a result, we have to adapt and change as well.

Now why are we talking about this on a family law blog? Well, change is inherent to the idea of divorce. You’re changing your life from living together as a couple to being apart and living independently. But there’s another reason this idea of change and divorce is important: for the sake of your divorce agreement or your child custody arrangement, you have to be prepared for those agreement to change and evolve over time. They are extremely unlikely to remain the same over the years.

You may lose your job; your ex-spouse may move out of the state or even to a different country; a medial emergency may cause a dramatic shift in either of your lives; and these are just three examples of how life circumstances can force you and your former spouse to address the parameters of your divorce agreement or child custody agreement.

When a change is necessary, you will want experienced legal help on your side. The Stange Law Firm has helped many families all across Illinois to modify their divorce agreements or change their child custody orders as a result of a change in life circumstances.

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