Answers to your prenuptial agreement questions

Answers to your prenuptial agreement questions

51885247_S.jpgAs we have written about before on this blog, prenuptial agreements are helpful contracts that can guide a married couple through a divorce. It can even help a soon-to-be-married couple confront some difficult topics before they walk down the aisle — such as financial considerations and asset protection. In the absence of a prenuptial agreement, property division defaults to state laws when a divorce occurs.

We say all of this for two reasons. The first is that no couple should think that a prenup “isn’t for them” because they have heard that prenups are only reserved for the rich. That’s a lie. A prenuptial agreement could benefit any couple — it just depends on what they are looking to do with that prenup.

The second reason is that it is irresponsible to characterize prenuptial agreements as problematic or “anti-love.” They may seem like problematic contracts that cause unsavory circumstances, but they really do provide critical legal protections to married couples. They can address things such as family businesses, making considerations for children from a previous marriage, and outline certain responsibilities during the marriage.

Prenups can do a lot of good for newly married couples, and they can spare people headaches during the divorce process (if their marriage ends that way). Obviously divorce raises a lot of questions — as can prenuptial agreements. When you are confused about the legal processes surrounding these two critical points of marriage, it is time to consult with an experienced family law attorney — such as the ones at Stange Law Firm.

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