How alternative dispute resolution can help you

How alternative dispute resolution can help you

You may have heard of “alternative dispute resolution,” a term that refers to a couple of different approaches that splitting spouses can use to complete their divorce. While the “traditional” route can work, it can also be the wrong fit for many couples. Thus they seek out different ways to complete their divorce. This is where mediation and collaborative law come in.

Mediation is exactly how it sounds. The two spouses agree upon one lawyer who will act as an independent third party in their divorce. As the mediator, that attorney will help them come to terms with the many issues that are inherent to their divorce. Mediation is done outside of court, and this can be a very helpful and cost-saving approach for some couples.

The other option is collaborative law, which is similar to mediation but with a couple of key differences. During a collaborative divorce, each spouse retains his or her own lawyer. The four parties — the spouses and their attorneys — then meet a number of times to work out an agreeable deal for their divorce. If a deal can’t be made, then the case will go to court.

If you choose alternative dispute resolution, regardless of which type, you will need specially trained lawyers to handle the case. The Stange Law Firm has training and experience with both mediation cases and collaborative divorce cases. We can help you embrace alternative dispute resolution tactics and help you achieve your goals so that you can move on with your life.

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