Divorce involving Jesse Jackson Jr. moves forward in Illinois

Divorce involving Jesse Jackson Jr. moves forward in Illinois

Divorce can be a difficult situation for any Illinois couple, but it is particularly complicated when there is a significant amount of money involved and it is a high-profile marriage. There can be complex property division, items in dispute, and the need to navigate the difficult pathways that accompany such a situation. As with any legal case, it is wise to have advice from experienced professionals from start to finish. If the end of a marriage is likely to be played out in the media, this is especially true. Regardless of the circumstances, having legal help in moving forward with a divorce is an imperative.

Jesse Jackson Jr., the former U.S. representative and the son of the famed civil rights leader, is divorcing from his wife. Mr. Jackson filed his case and cited irreconcilable differences as the reason. The couple had been married for 25 years and has had legal problems related to campaign finance issues that led to incarceration for both. In August of 2013, they had issued guilty pleas related to financial malfeasance in their campaign fund. Mr. Jackson was incarcerated for diverting $750,000 for the personal use of him and his wife between 2005 and 2012. Mrs. Jackson was also sentenced to prison.

The couple had their sentences staggered for the benefit of their two children who are under the age of 18. Mr. Jackson had sought a subpoena for emails sent by his wife while she was incarcerated. He also wanted records for calls and text messages that went back to January of 2011. Since the case was filed in the summer while Mrs. Jackson was still incarcerated, she requested an extension to reply to the filing. The next hearing in the matter is scheduled for early January.

Divorce is a difficult matter that will have a great number of issues that could be in dispute. This particular case involves two well-known political activists and representatives whose situation was muddled by legal issues that led to jail time. While most people will not face similar problems when they are divorcing, this case is an example of the variety of factors that can come up in a divorce. Because of that, a legal professional experienced in divorce is a key and the first call that should be made when ending a marriage.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, “Jesse Jackson Jr. files for divorce from wife, Sandi,” Mitchell Armentrout, Dec. 12, 2016

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