Illinois legal assistance with a contested divorce

Illinois legal assistance with a contested divorce

42083975_S.jpgNot all Illinois divorces are desired by both parties. In fact, while a large portion of divorces are done with both parties in agreement, there are situations when one spouse will contest the divorce. This is one of the divorce legal issues that is often understated. For those who are seeking to divorce and have a spouse who is contesting it or a spouse who would like to try and save the marriage, legal help is essential.

Numerous issues can be at play with a contested divorce. Perhaps one spouse would like to try and salvage the marriage. There could be children who are in the middle of the dispute. When the couple is at the end of a marriage — even with one spouse still trying to fight the decision — it can take a significant amount of time to settle and cause a fraying of emotions to formulate an agreement for a divorce. Many of these cases will drag on until it is necessary to go to court. While it is preferable for both sides to agree to divorce and that the relationship be amicable, this does not always happen.

People in a contested divorce that goes to trial will need competent legal help to get through it. An experienced attorney, such as those at Stange Law Firm, will utilize an official checklist to deal with every issue. From the beginning of the process to the end with discovery, trial and the decision, every document must be examined, all factors must be accounted for and experts will often be needed to help with the case. Having an experienced and caring law firm on the client’s side is frequently the difference between a satisfactory resolution and a final decision with which the person is unhappy.

When the marriage is at its end and there are contested issues, it is wise to have legal assistance from the start. Navigating divorce legal issues can be complicated. This is why the first call that should be made is to a qualified divorce lawyer.

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