Let us advise you regarding your Illinois military divorce

Let us advise you regarding your Illinois military divorce

33822199_S.jpgMany people find the topic of divorce in general to be confusing. Whether it’s the large amount of arcane legal knowledge involved or the prospect of negotiating with one’s spouse over property division matters, most people leave much of the details to divorce lawyers. Imagine, then, facing a military divorce. This adds military law to the mix, making it that much more complicated for most folks.

How can military divorce be more complicated than civilian divorce? Not too long ago, we told you about how TRICARE health care military benefits might be provided to non-military spouses in a divorce. Basically, the non-military spouse may be eligible for TRICARE benefits if the military spouse meets certain requirements involving length of service and length of marriage. For a person grappling with the effects of a divorce, figuring this all out can be kind of intimidating.

Here’s where the Illinois military divorce lawyers of Stange Law Firm, PC, could prove helpful. Our attorneys have plenty of experience helping service members and spouses alike with the unique procedures that must be followed and the unique area of law that applies. We not only have knowledge of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, the rules of property division in military divorces and more, we have experience applying these rules to benefit our clients.

We not only have the capability to advise people in Illinois, we also have the technological capability of keeping in touch with clients who are living overseas. This is important for many service members and their families. For more information on the services we provide for those in a military divorce, please see the military divorce page on our website.

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