What are the different types of child custody arrangements?

What are the different types of child custody arrangements?

58904961_S.jpgDivorcing with children can be a complex matter for parents in Illinois. Divorce not only signify the end of a marriage, but it also brings a change in family dynamics. A child will go from a one-family home to a two-home family, which can be a major life change. Thus, when parents are determining the parenting time they desire, it is crucial to consider the best interests of the child.

What are the different types of child custody arrangements? Depending on the dynamics of the relationship, the terms of the divorce and what a parent seeks to do in his or her post-divorce life, custody plans can look vastly different from one divorced family to the next. While shared custody is often the ideal and highly promoted custody arrangement, this is not always ideal.

Custody could focus on both physical and legal custody or just one. In a joint custody arrangement, both parents have physical and legal custody of the child. This means that both parents have the right to have the child live with them, and both parents have the authority to make decisions regarding the child’s education, health and upbringing.

In a sole or primary custody arrangement, one parent typically has physical custody while the other parent has visitation rights. Depending on the situation, both parents could have joint legal custody, which means they both have the right to make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing. However, it is possible to get sole physical and legal custody, only awarding the other parent visitation rights.

Divorce can be messy, and when children are involved, parents may attempt to reduce disputes regarding the children involved. Nonetheless, issues present themselves, making it important that parents understand their rights and ways to reach a timely and fair resolution.

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