Helping you resolve family law issues during and after divorce

Helping you resolve family law issues during and after divorce

10291722_S.jpgDivorce issues have the tendency of impacting couples during and after the process is completed. For families in Illinois dealing with family law issues, these can range greatly and could be issues that need to be revisited several times post-divorce. While it is difficult to fathom that you will need to address issues you just resolved during divorce, when it comes to matters revolving around your children, parents should be prepared to continually revisit them until they reach majority age.

Whether you are going through the divorce process or have been divorced for several years, family law issues have the ability to present themselves at any time. Because of that, divorced parents should be prepared to work through these issues. Even though it is not easy, the only way to move forward is to timely address any disputes or problems. At the Stange Law Firm, P.C., our attorneys understand the challenges that family law issues present. Therefore, we are dedicated to assisting residents in the Springfield area navigate these issues.

During the divorce process, parents must work out a custody and child support order. While these are often workable for the short-term, it is likely that parents will have to adjust these orders as time goes on. Different life issues can impact these orders. A parent could get a different job or have to move, or the financial needs of the child could change. Additionally, the opinions of the child or their best interests could alter. This could greatly impact a joint custody arrangement.

Our law firm has dealt with a wide range of family law issues, and our legal teams has the skills and resources needed to help our clients successfully navigate these matters. Whether it is negotiation, mediation or litigation, we can guide you towards the best outcome possible.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s family law website. No matter the issue or when it presents itself, it is important that divorced parents address any family law matters that need to be resolved.

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