New rules for determining child support in Illinois

New rules for determining child support in Illinois

36312005_S.jpgEnsuring that the needs of a child are met during and after a divorce is necessary. While it is not always easy to work through these family law issues, taking the time to properly reach an amicable solution not only benefits the parents involved but also the child. Child support is often necessary to work out during a divorce. However, divorcing and divorced parents should note that the laws controlling this family law issue can often change. This could make obtaining or modifying such an order much different.

According to recent reports, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services announced that new rules controlling child support would be enacted. The income-sharing model will be used. This means that child support will be calculated based on the income of both parents.

The current statute in the state is based on the income of the parent required to pay child support and the number of children involved. Based on reports, the sate of Illinois is the 40th state to adopt the income shares model. This model is frequently used to determine what that actual cost to raise their child or children is. It also emphasizes that both parents have the obligation to financially support a child rather than one parent seeking payment from another in order to care for the child. Under this new statute, financial obligations will be placed on both parents.

Child support can be a challenging divorce decision to make. While it is apparent that both parents must take action to meet the financial needs of their children, it can be difficult to meet the terms of this order. Because of that, parents required to pay child support should understand what their current order means and how they could take steps to modify it if they find it difficult to make these monthly payments.

Source:, “New changes for child support in Illinois effective July 1st,” Torene Harvin, June 26, 2017

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