What factors could help with child support modification?

What factors could help with child support modification?

19989004_S.jpgWhen parents in Illinois and elsewhere divorce, there are important family law issues that need to be addressed and ironed out. While any decision made in the dissolution process is likely to impact the children involved, it is often child custody and child support orders that impact children the most. Thus, it is not only important to carefully and properly draft these documents, but to also take necessary steps to enforce and modify them if issues present themselves.

What factors could help with child support modification? The Division of Child Support Services is the agency responsible for conducting child support modification reviews in the state of Illinois. They not only ensure that these awards are in line with state laws, but they also note and address any changing circumstances that could impact current orders.

A modification to a current child support agreement is made through the courts and can occur once every three years. In fact, the DCSS notifies each parent not less than once every three years that they can request a review of their current child support order. At this time, if a parent has cause or reason to initiate the review, this would be the time to do it, so long as it has been at least thee years since the establishment of the order or the last modification of the order.

Modifications are commonly granted if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. This commonly occurs when there is a substantial change in a parent’s income, most likely the non-custodial parent because they are the one making these support payments. Additionally, modification could be pursued if the order does not address healthcare coverage of the child.

When a child support order is reviewed, there could be one of three results. First, the order could remain the same. This means that DCSS found that changing or modifying the order was not necessary. Next, the order could increase the child support payment owed. Finally, DCSS could find that a parent is unable to meet the terms of the order, resulting in a decrease in child support payments.

If you seek to modify your current child support order, it is important to understand how this could be completed. This not only protects your rights but also focuses on continually meeting the best interests of your child.

Source: Illinois.gov, “What You Need to Know About the Modification Review Process for Child Support Orders,” accessed June 17, 2017

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