Helping you through the military divorce process

Helping you through the military divorce process

52726583_S.jpgSpouses in Illinois and elsewhere can have careers that can significantly impact a marital relationship. While there is a wide variety of civilian careers that can do this, the demanding lifestyle of a military career can put strain and stress on a marriage. This is especially true when the military spouse is deployed or training in a different state. The lengthy separation for months and even years can cause a marriage to break, causing spouses to face the reality of divorce.

At Stange Law Firm, PC we understand the complexities a military divorce can bring. Whether it is the service member spouse filing for divorce or not, initiating and progressing the dissolution process can be challenging. This is especially true if the military spouse is currently deployed. Thus, we are dedicated to helping spouses in the Springfield area navigate the obstacles and pitfalls involved in a military divorce.

The possibility of deployment is not the only major issue that military spouses could face. Military laws control much of the divorce process, making it imperative that both spouses understand how these rules and regulations come into play. Specifically, non-military spouses should note whether they are entitled to military benefits, such as a pension. Our experienced attorneys are well versed in these laws, and they have helped past clients successfully understand and apply these laws.

When a military parent goes through the divorce process, it can be difficult to assert parental rights and at the same time consider the best interests of the child. Deployment and training might be an issue, thus issues such as having a grandparent stand in for parenting time during deployment. Our skilled attorneys can help determine what rights you have and what is in the best interest of everyone involved.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s military family law website. While a civilian divorce is difficult, a military divorce presents added challenges. Thus, divorcing spouses need to ensure that they are well aware of the process, their rights and how best to proceed.

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