How can you protect your children during the divorce process?

How can you protect your children during the divorce process?

47215401_S.jpgParents in Illinois will go to the ends of the world in order to protect their children. While it is impossible to protect young ones from all the risks, downfalls and upsetting situations in life, parents have the ability to reduce the negative impact certain life events can have on their children. This is especially true for those parents ending a marriage. It is clear that this process will alter the life of their children; however, there are opportunities to reduce this.

In a contentious and high-conflict divorce, there are many opportunities for emotions to run high, disputes to arise and children to be used as pawns. When parents are fighting throughout the divorce process, it can negatively affect their children. Thus, divorcing parents need to be aware of their options and ways they could prevent such an outcome.

How can you protect your children during the divorce process? Even if taking the high road is challenging and less than ideal, it is the most beneficial divorce move a parent can make. Although parents need to make a wide variety of decisions during dissolution, those regarding their children are often critical and particularly sensitive. Thus, it is important to keep three key factors in mind when making decisions, such as child custody and child support.

First, it is important to assure the children that they are loved unconditionally throughout and after the process. Just because mom and dad can no longer be in a relationship together, this does not mean that the relationship and love between each parent with the child has changed. Next, divorcing parents should not make a child choose between parents. When it comes to parenting time, parenting schedules and what holidays a child spends with a parent, a child should not decide this. These should be worked out with the best interests of the child in mind. A parent should never manipulate a child into wanting to spend time with them.

Finally, parents should not treat their children like their friend during the divorce process. Children are not the proper outlet for complaining about the divorce process or seeking advice or insight. The best rule to follow during dissolution is to keep children out of it.

Even when divorcing parents have an idea in their mind, this does not mean their divorce will transpire in that manner. Because of that, parents need to pay attention to how they interact with their children during and after divorce, ensuring the process does not negatively impact them.

Source:, “3 ways parents can protect their children during a divorce,” Jacquesline Newman, Aug. 18, 2017

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