What are the benefits of an open adoption?

What are the benefits of an open adoption?

15223906_S.jpgAs a previous post highlighted, various types of families often utilize adoption. And depending on the needs and wishes of the biological and adoptive parents, adoption can look very different from family to family. While there is no correct type of adoption, some tend to provide a wider range of benefits. Because it can be tough to place a child up for adoption and never look back, biological parents sometimes seek an open adoption.

What are the benefits of an open adoption? An open adoption is based and built up on the openness of both the birth parents and adoptive parents. By keeping in contact, this type of adoption is viewed as being rather beneficial for the child involved. While an open adoption means having contact between biological and adoptive parents, contact can mean different things to each family.

Contact could simply mean sending letters and emails for updates. Other families may communicate through phone calls and even regular visitations. The idea of an open adoption is to create a plan that works for everyone involved. It should be noted that birth family includes more than just parents. It can include grandparents and even siblings. Thus, there is the ability to include these family members in when it comes to contact with the adoptive family.

While there are benefits to being informed about a child that is placed for adoption, this is not ideal for everyone. In some cases, it may not be in the best interests of the child. If safety issues are involved, which often results in foster care placement before adoption, having contact with birth parents is not safe for the child.

Adoption can generate many concerns for those placing a child for adoption as well as those going through the process to adopt a child. Regardless of what side of this family law issue you are on, it is important to understand what your adoption could look like and how the best interests of the child could be best met.

Source: Thespruce.com, “Why Choose an Open Adoption?,” Carrie Craft, April 5, 2017

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