Service members have options when filing for divorce

Service members have options when filing for divorce

51287411_S.jpgNot everyone is able to commit themselves to serve in the United States military, but those who do offer their fellow citizens an invaluable service. Serving in the military can be incredibly difficult for anyone, including those who are married and who have families of their own that they are separated from during their times of active duty. When stress and strain impact the marriages of Illinois service members, they may turn to the courts to end their relationships in divorce.

However, pursuing a divorce while committed to one of the branches of service can be confusing. While civilians generally can file for divorce in the locations where they are residents, service members may have residencies in places that are different from where they are stationed. Their spouses may live in different states from them, leading to multiple locations where their divorces may be eligible for filing.

Service members who are contemplating divorce may need to discuss their family law questions with attorneys who practice military law, but often a service member will have options for deciding where they want their divorce to proceed. For example, they may choose to file in the state where they are stationed or in the state where they are a resident. They may also elect to file for divorce in the state where their spouse lives, if that is a different place altogether.

It is important for service members to know about the different aspects of a military divorce. For more information on how property division, custody and support may be impacted by a military divorce, readers are encouraged to seek their own legal counsel from attorneys that they know and trust.

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