Does your custody plan serve your child’s best interests?

Does your custody plan serve your child’s best interests?

80529970_S.jpgHaving a child is hard, but having more than one child can be even harder. Ask any parent of multiple children what it is like to juggle the lives of several dependents and they may launch into a discussion of varying schedules, differing needs and changing expectations. What a child in Springfield needs when they are a baby is different from what they need as a teenager, and a parent of more than one child must constantly adjust as their kids grow and learn.

Fitting all of the needs and expectations that children require into a custody and visitation parenting plan can be a difficult task. In Illinois and other jurisdictions throughout the United States, parents and courts work hard to make sure that any child’s best interests guide custody and visitation decisions. However, when a single family contains multiple children with different needs, pulling together all of those considerations into a single document can be difficult.

At the Stange Law Firm, clients are treated with respect and understanding as they come to terms with the changing landscape of their family lives. Whether the children are dealing with a separation or divorce, at our law firm we undoubtedly just want what is best for the children. As children grow and change, parents simply want their custodial arrangements to keep up with the varying needs.

Whether through initial negotiations on custody and visitation matters of through parenting plan modifications, the Stange Law Firm attempts to help our clients with concerns about their family law dilemmas. To learn more about the attorneys and team of the Stange Law Firm, our readers are invited to visit our website on child custody.

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