Helping clients evaluate their ongoing child custody needs

Helping clients evaluate their ongoing child custody needs

53911791_S.jpgWhen parents in Illinois work to establish a child custody plan that will dictate where their children will spend their time, they are tasked with ensuring that the product they come up with serves their kids’ best interests. This can be a daunting undertaking for many reasons. If the parents share multiple kids they may find that their children’s needs are different from those of their siblings, and they may also find that their kids’ needs change over time.

During the summer months parents often have more time with their kids due to the children’s release from school for a summer break. Summer vacation can be a great time for parents to assess if their children’s custody plans are working and to anticipate any changes that may need to occur before their kids head back to school in the fall.

The Stange Law Firm attempts to help parents find workable solutions to their child custody needs. Over time, a once-useful custody plan may become unworkable as the children grow and their needs and wants modify. Custody arrangements must adapt as the best interests of the kids they serve take on different shapes and the attorneys of the firm are prepared to help parents identify and support those changes.

Any changes that parents want to make to child custody plans should be done officially, as “off the record” modifications may not be recognized by the courts. Having a child custody plan officially altered may require that parents need to go back to court to seek judicial approval of their changes. The Stange Law Firm is here to help parents who are ready to take this important action to ensure that their children’s custody is managed in the most supportive way.

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