The role of spousal support in an Illinois divorce

The role of spousal support in an Illinois divorce

41866876_S.jpgAlthough it is not uncommon for both of the partners to a marriage to be employed and earn significant incomes during their lives, some couples still practice the more traditional path of having one partner manage household responsibilities while the other works outside of the home for pay. In the past, women were more likely to be stay-at-home parents and household managers than their spouses, both over time more men have embraced this role as well.

When the partners to a marriage are able to earn their own incomes and support themselves, spousal support may not be an issue in their divorce. However, when one partner may be financially disadvantaged due to the end of their marriage a court may grant them support so that they may get back on their feet as they transition to single life.

For example, spousal support may be granted when one spouse as lost the capacity to find suitable work and needs job training or to further their education to get back into their professional field. Also, spousal support may be appropriate if a couple has attained a more advanced age and the non-income earning spouse will not be able to seek work on which to live.

Individuals should not be financially harmed when they divorce and the noneconomic contributions that they make to their partners and families should be recognized. Spousal support is not an issue in all Illinois divorces but it may be a very important issue for some. A reader’s divorce and family law attorney may be able to help them understand if spousal support will be available to them when their marriage ends.

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