Get legal support during a military divorce

Get legal support during a military divorce

18853941_S (1).jpgFew choose to enter the military and work for the safety and security of their nation through one of the branches of armed service. Those who do, however, give up a great deal in order to protect others. Illinois men and women who have sacrificed in their personal and professional lives to serve the United States deserve the help and support of those who respect their choices when it comes to settling matters related to divorce.

Not all divorce and family law attorneys recognize the unique differences that may appear in military divorces. From where a divorce may be filed to the timeline of how a divorce may be decided, military divorces can present nuances that differ from standard divorces between civilians.

Additionally, not all family law lawyers may understand how divorce-related family law issues, such as child support, alimony and child custody can be impacted by service members’ commitments to active duty. Managing one’s family responsibilities at home while serving one’s nations overseas can be a complex task for even the most organized individual and those who choose to divorce and serve deserve strong representatives of their legal interests.

The Stange Law Firm believes that American service members should be treated with respect and honor when it comes to providing them with family law legal counsel. They should trust that their divorces and other family law concerns are being dealt with by representatives who recognize the challenges they face by actively working as soldiers, sailors and airmen. The Stange Law Firm is honored to support military families and invites readers to learn more about the legal services that they offer.

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