What should be included in a parenting plan?

What should be included in a parenting plan?

7897455_S.jpgA parenting plan is the schedule and set of expectations that Illinois parents agree to follow when they must share custody of their children. They are often created in conjunction with divorces and may be created based on the negotiations of the children’s parents. There are some key terms that should be included in each parenting plan to make sure that it is sufficient to support the best interests of the child or children that it concerns.

One of the most important aspects of a parenting plan is the inclusion of a physical custody plan that explains where a child will live and when they will have visitation time with their other parent. If a child is subject to a joint physical custody schedule then the parenting plan should outline how and when the child will transition from household to household. The parenting plan should also explain if one or both parents have legal custody of their child.

Additionally, a parenting plan should make several acknowledgements, such as the fact that the terms of the parenting plan may need to change as the child grows. It should recognize that children benefit from having strong relationships with both of their parents and it should dictate how emergency decisions should be made when the child is in the custody of only one parent.

A parenting plan should serve the best interests of the child and should provide parents with a solid set of rules and expectations on which they may execute their post-divorce child custody plan. Family law attorneys can offer strong support for mothers and fathers who are concerned about getting their Illinois parenting plans right.

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