Establishing paternity has many legal ramifications

Establishing paternity has many legal ramifications

30155891_S.jpgParents often take pride in the actions and accomplishments of their children. From birth, parents may revel in the many ways their new babies change from day to day, and as their children age they may marvel in the skills and talents their kids acquire through hard work and practice. Being a parent is a rewarding if difficult role that many Illinois residents choose to embrace.

However, not all parents have the opportunity to watch their children grow and thrive. Too often fathers are cut out of their children’s lives at birth when those fathers are not given an opportunity to establish their paternal connections to their kids. A father who does not have a paternal, legal relationship established with his child may not have custody of that child, visitation time with them or other important parent-child connections.

Similarly, fathers who are not established as the parents of their children may pass on without giving those children the rights to inherit from their estates. Those children may be left out if there was never a legal or biological connection established between them and their true father.

Fathers are important to their children and establishing paternity can be a big part of securing a long-term, recognized relationship between a man and his offspring. The Stange Law Firm, located in Springfield, Illinois, represents men who want to secure their parental rights to their children so that they can allow the bonds of family grow between them. More information about family law, paternity and the other practice areas of the Stange Law Firm may be found on the group’s website under the category of fathers’ rights.

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