When child custody and active deployment overlap

When child custody and active deployment overlap

47436648_S.jpgA person who makes the commitment to serve the nation in the military takes on a heavy burden of duty and expectation. Depending upon their role in their branch of service they may work domestically to keep the country safe, or they may be subject to deployments overseas to serve in different missions. If an Illinois resident is responsible for the custody of their children when a domestic move or overseas deployment is required, they may not know what to do to ensure that their kids are cared for in their absence.

When establishing the custody of their kids, parents who are members of the military may want to write into their custody agreements provisions that address just these topics. A parent who may be asked to move may not be able to take their child with them without first discussing it with their ex; the rights of noncustodial parents must still be honored when military parents must move with their kids.

Additionally, a military parent who has custody of their kids may be able to use a family care plan to address what should happen if their deployment is unexpected. They may identify someone who will have the right to temporarily care for their children and someone else who may have such rights in a long-term capacity. Matters of custody, even when they involve military service, should be discussed with family law attorneys.

Dividing one’s time and attention between a military career and a family can be difficult. Men and women who take on these important roles are reminded that they can seek the assistance of committed military family law attorneys to answer their questions and support their legal needs.

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