Differences between joint and sole physical custody plans

Differences between joint and sole physical custody plans

54444023_S.jpgPhysical custody is one of the two issues that must be addressed when Illinois parents create parenting plans. Physical custody relates to where a child will live once their parents no longer have a relationship as well as which parent will be responsible for the child’s day to day needs. This form of custody may be shared between the parents in a joint arrangement or may be granted to one parent if the circumstances warrant such action.

When parents share physical custody the arrangement can take on many forms. How this arrangement will be set will greatly depend on the needs and interests of the child or children who are impacted by it. For example, for some families it may make sense for the parents to have equal time with their kids. For others, it may be better for the children to spend the school week with one parent and the weekends with the other.

Sole physical custody can be granted to one parent if a child’s best interests are served by such a plan. If a child may not receive the care they need in the custody of one parent, full physical custody may be given to the other. Or, if the parent who is denied physical custody of the child has previously caused them or others physical harm, a court may prevent that parent from having direct care of their child.

It is important to always get independent legal counsel when assessing family law matters. This post does not provide any legal advice to its readers. Child custody issues should be dealt with by professionals who support divorce and family law clients.

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