Legal guidance for families considering step-parent adoption

Legal guidance for families considering step-parent adoption

69435708_S.jpgIt is often said that a person cannot choose their family, and to some extent this is a true statement. A child does not get to pick their biological parents, and though a person may select who they want to marry, that choice brings with it all of the good and bad of their new spouse’s relatives. Illinois families change over time as individuals marry, children are born and divorces split the legal unions that were formed by the courts.

From time to time, individuals with children choose to marry and their children become the step-kids of their new spouses. The new spouses are not granted parental rights over the kids since presumably the kids still have two parents; when a parent loses their rights to their kids or gives them up, however, the spouse of the other parent may elect to adopt the children in a step-parent adoption process.

Step-parent adoptions can be very special because they may unite children with adults who love them and wish to support them as their own kids. There are many factors that must be addressed for step-parent adoptions to move forward, and when mistakes are made families can suffer pain and delay in completing the legal process. Even though it is impossible to promise specific outcomes in legal matters, some problems can be avoided when legal representatives are consulted.

The Stange Law Firm handles many family law matters for its clients, including matters related to divorce, custody and adoption. Step-parent adoptions can be tricky, and the attorneys of the firm are knowledgeable regarding the requirements and laws that must be addressed. To learn more about the Stange Law Firm, readers can visit it online.

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