Considerations for military members going through divorce

Considerations for military members going through divorce

53124723_S.jpgThe divorce process is hard on everyone, even when the partners to the ending marriage are willing and able to work together. However, individuals who serve our country as a member of the military can run into extra challenges when they decide that they want to get a divorce. In Illinois and other states throughout the nation, military members must consider residency, benefits, and other factors when they wish to end their relationships with their spouses.

One issue that may complicate a military divorce is where the process should play out. Military members are often stationed in locations that are not their states of residency, and when divorce occurs their partners may move to different locations as well. There may be three different jurisdictions in which the divorce can happen, and choosing where to pursue it can be complicated.

Additionally, military members receive important benefits from the government for their service to our country. Those benefits often must be divided between the service member and their spouse when divorce occurs. The division of military benefits may follow different rules and may be subject to federal regulations. This may differ significantly from the property division process that most civilians face.

Getting a divorce while serving in the United States military should not be harder than it needs to be. Service members and their spouses can benefit from working with attorneys who practice divorce law and also understand the unique needs and expectations of those who serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and other branches of service. This post is informational only and readers are encouraged to seek their own legal advice when confronting these issues.

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