Spousal support can be a critical component of a divorce

Spousal support can be a critical component of a divorce

95228013_S.jpgMoney is sometimes the reason that Illinois residents decide to end their marriages in divorce. When the partners to marital couples cannot agree on how to spend and save their money, they may find that unhealable wounds are created in their relationships. While money is not the key to happiness it certainly is an important part of supporting a growing family.

Similarly, money is an important component in the divorce process as well. When two people end their marriage, one of them may ask the court for spousal support. As past posts on this family law blog have discussed, spousal support is the payment of money from one former partner to the other for the support and maintenance of the recipient. Not all divorces involve spousal support, but when one partner will be financially disadvantaged by the divorce it may be applicable.

Getting out of a difficult marriage is hard, but surviving after it without money or the means to support one’s self is next to impossible. While it is common for child support to be awarded to ensure that kids have what they need when their parents’ marriages end, spousal support is often something that must be fought for to secure.

The attorneys of the Stange Law Firm PC are zealous advocates for the needs and rights of their clients. That includes when the men and women they represent require spousal support after their divorces to make sure they can keep themselves safe and secure. Spousal support can be a critical component of a divorce, but is often aggressively challenged, which is why strong legal allies, like those at our firm, can play a pivotal role in successfully seeking this support.

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