Working a child’s best interests into their custody plan

Working a child’s best interests into their custody plan

97054374_M.jpgEvery child is a unique individual with their own special needs, preferences, and expectations. Illinois parents who have more than one child may recognize the diverse talents, emotions, and requirements possessed by each child. When children are affected by the divorces of their parents it can be difficult for adults and the courts to establish custody and support plans that will meet all of their needs and further their best interests.

When children are involved in an Illinois divorce their best interests must be factored into any agreements or orders that result from the proceedings. A child’s best interests represent a number of factors that may influence with which parent they should live and how their care should be managed. In some situations a child’s opinions on these matters may be considered, but the age of the child may dictate how much weight this opinion is given.

A child’s age and physical needs are relevant to their best interests, as are their medical conditions, emotional ties to their parents and siblings, and connections to their communities and schools. The safety and security that a parent can provide to their child directly impacts their well-being, and parents who cannot offer their kids the love and support they need may not be awarded full custodial rights.

Child custody determinations and parenting plans do not take on cookie cutter formats. They are individually crafted to meet the needs and requirements of the individual children whose lives will be governed by them. Parents can advocate for their children’s best interests and can do so competently with the help of family law attorneys. This post should not be used as legal advice by any of its readers.

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