What is a child support modification?

What is a child support modification?

131144943_s.jpgChild support is the payment of money from one co-parent to the other for the benefit of their shared child or children. It may be used to cover a range of costs that are related to raising a child in Illinois, such as buying the child food or clothing, paying rent so that the child has a home, and covering the costs of their education. Child support is generally mandated during divorce proceedings or may be agreed to by a child’s parents when they end their relationship.

Child support payments generally occur on regular schedules and in regular amounts. Past posts on this family law blog have discussed some of the penalties that may be assessed if a parent fails to pay child support as stipulated in their agreement or order. A parent who misses child support payments may be subject to fines, the loss of their driver’s license, and even incarceration.

When a parent experiences a change in the circumstances of their life, they may not be able to meet their child support responsibilities. This may occur if the parent loses their job or experiences another hardship that causes financial depletion. The inability of a parent to pay child support due to an unforeseen occurrence may provide them with the grounds to modify their child support mandate.

A child support modification may change the amount or other terms of a parent’s child support obligation. Doing so may make it easier for the parent to stay current on the money that they owe to support their child. It may also help them avoid the serious penalties that can apply if a parent becomes delinquent on their child support obligation.

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