Women file for divorce at a higher rate than men

Women file for divorce at a higher rate than men

25265536_s.jpgPerhaps in part due to how the situation has been portrayed in books and on the screen, it has long been thought that many women in Illinois and around the country are far more keen on getting married than men. However, research has shown that once they have tied the knot, women are also the ones who are more likely to file for divorce.

Several studies, including one that was conducted by the American Sociological Association, have revealed that this is the case. The ASA study found that women are the initiators of more than two-thirds of all U.S. divorces. Some matrimonial and divorce professionals have posited several possible reasons why this might be so. While women now are far more likely to have their own careers, they still usually shoulder far more of the household chore burden than their husbands. This can generate feelings of resentment. A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that was released in 2019 revealed that, among couples who were both fully employed, nearly half of the women did housework daily as opposed to around 20% of husbands.

Another reason is that many men often feel discouraged when their wives make more money than they do. In response, this often makes their wives feel like they are being held back in their professional careers. At the same time, financially independent wives are less likely to tolerate a husband’s infidelity.

Regardless of the cause, a divorce can be an emotional time for estranged spouses. Unfortunately, the process can be even worse when they have young children. Before initiating divorce proceedings, a potential filer might want to meet with a family law attorney and discuss how to approach property division and other applicable legal issues.

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