Effective parenting strategies after a divorce

Effective parenting strategies after a divorce

48506875_s (1).jpgOne of the biggest challenges in an Illinois family law case is dealing with child custody and visitation rights. For many couples, the lingering problems that led to the divorce can continue as they try to co-parent. Still, there are strategies to make the process easier.

The best interests of the child are paramount. Taking certain steps can facilitate meeting the child’s needs. It is easy to say that the child should come first, but to put that in practice can be complicated. It is important to remember that there does not need to be complete agreement with the other parent for effective co-parenting. The child should not be placed in the middle of parental disputes. Important decisions can be shared with common ground.

If there are problems, glossing them over can make them worse. Rather than engage in arguments over co-parenting, calmly discussing the issues and coming to solutions is preferable. For smaller decisions, the parent who has the child at the time can use his or her discretion. If it is a key decision such as health or school-related, both parents having input is important.

Even if the parents are disagreeing privately, maintaining the image of being united when it comes to the child is beneficial. Children may try to use the divorce to play the parents against one another. Parents sticking to established parameters avoids this. Even in circumstances where they might be a ‘right” and ‘wrong,” being agreeable could eclipse the good feeling of having been proven right. Flexibility and preferring happiness over validation is good for the child. Child custody and visitation disputes can be concerning. For parents who are seeking to forge a reasonable agreement, it may be useful to have legal advice from an experienced family law professional.

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