Expect these losses when your marriage ends

Expect these losses when your marriage ends

146367974_s.jpgThe end of a marriage comes with some major life changes. Some people think that this is going to be a time of joy, but they soon find that they are dealing with some losses they didn’t expect. Knowing what you might have to deal with ahead of time may help you come up with solutions for them.

Even though you and your ex don’t get along, you’re still losing a person who you shared things with for the duration of the marriage. You won’t have that person around to talk to about things like your struggles or successes at work or with the children once the marriage ends. Finding a trusted friend to share with might be beneficial, but you might still feel the sense of loss.

Parents will find that the loss of parenting time greatly impacts them. You and your ex will share the time that’s available with the children. Because you’ll have less time with them, you need to focus on the quality of time instead of the quantity of time. Thinking about making memories with them may help you to find ways to enjoy them.

You may mourn the loss of traditions you’ve come to enjoy. The divorce means that you may have to rethink holidays and other special events if they’ve usually included your ex’s family. Coming up with new ideas may be beneficial.

Divorce is a time of transition. Embracing the changes that come may help you to adjust to your new life. You can also work on ensuring that your rights are respected throughout the legal matters related to the split.

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