Parents may adopt through Illinois ‘Baby Safe Haven’ law

Parents may adopt through Illinois ‘Baby Safe Haven’ law

In Illinois, April is designated as “Save Abandoned Babies Month.” Sometimes, infants are born to mothers and fathers who simply are unable for very personal reasons to care for them. Sometimes these situations have caused parents to put their infant’s life in danger in an act of desperation. However, an Illinois statute that addresses that issue is seeing successful results.

37314717_S.jpgParents in Illinois may be able to adopt a child through the “Baby Safe Haven” law enacted in 2001, officially named the Illinois Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act. Through this law, an uninjured newborn child age 30 days or younger can be given to the workers at a health care facility, a firehouse or a police station, among other locations. No questions will be asked of the parent giving up the infant, although the parent can get information about the Illinois Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act and their rights.

Once the infant is surrendered, and receives the necessary hospital care, the state will make the necessary arrangements to have the child placed with an adoption agency. The child’s biological mother and father then have 60 days to change their mind, and take the child back into their home. However, if they don’t, following the 60 day period the child may be adopted. So far, over 100 children have been surrendered at safe haven stations.

The “Baby Safe Haven” law is important, as it gives parents a judgement-free zone in which they can admit that they cannot care for their newborn child and can ensure their child is placed in safe hands where it can be adopted. Adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family, and sometimes the most responsible choice a child’s biological parents can make is to give the child a chance at a life they cannot provide by giving the child up for adoption. Families in Illinois who want more information about the “Baby Safe Haven” law or on adoption in general may want to seek the help of a family law attorney familiar with these issues.

Source: Northwest Herald, “Lake in the Hills family adopts daughter under Safe Haven law,” Hannah Prokop, April 15, 2017

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