Special issues may apply during gray divorces

Special issues may apply during gray divorces

37230995_S.jpgThe topic of gray divorce may or may not be familiar to readers of this Springfield family law blog. It refers to divorces that occur between individuals who are older, generally in their 50’s or older. Often gray divorce brings long-term marriages to their end and often does not involve matters related to custody or child support. To such ends, gray divorces often revolve around happiness, money and making the most of the parties’ futures.

While other age demographic groups are divorcing at lower rates than in the past, individuals who classify as gray divorcees are growing. This is because divorce is not the same taboo topic that it was generations ago, and older individuals are finding it easier to connect with more like-minded partners through online dating platforms.

However, the liberation of gray divorcees from long-term marriages is not without cost. It is common for courts to award spousal support in divorce cases that involve couples who have been married for decades. It can also be hard for men and women who have stopped working to divide up their retirement and savings in the event that their marriages end.

Individuals have to decide for themselves if they are ready to divorce later in life. A gray divorce may be an important step for preserving the happiness of a person as they move toward the end of their life, but it may also be a costly one. Older individuals who want to learn more about gray divorce issues should contact their local family law attorneys. This post is offered as information only and should not be read as legal or financial advice.

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