Tech time may influence parenting time and a child’s behavior

Tech time may influence parenting time and a child’s behavior

32369721_S.jpgDivorce can be difficult on the divorcing couple as well as the children. While parents in Illinois and elsewhere might fight tooth and nail to obtain the child custody arrangement they desire most, at the end of the day, it is important that these agreements meet the best interests of the child. Even if on paper the arrangement is conducive for the child, it is all dependent on what a parent does with their parenting time. While it is clear that there will be a transition period from being a married parent to a single parent, this process should not constrain or damage the relationship with the child.

In other words, this means spending actual and quality time with your children. Whether you have joint custody, are co-parenting or have visitation rights, it is important to put down the phone, close the computer and reduce reliance on technology when you are spending time with your child.

How does tech time influence parenting time and a child’s behavior? A current study found that parents who spend an excessive amount of time on their phone in the presence of their children are parents that are more likely to see behavior problems from their kids. This can come in the form of tantrums, whining and even frustrations. So what is the message sent from researchers of this study? It is time to put down the phone and pay attention to your children.

This is an important step to take for divorced parents. The time with your children is already constrained or limited by a custody agreement. A parent should not add to their lost time by spending their parenting time on the phone. A phone distracts a parent from spending quality time with a child, and based on this study, almost half of all parents admit that their phones interrupt their parenting time at least three times a day.

One factor that determines the best custody arrangement for a child is the home environment and the best interests of the child. Thus, it is imperative that parents take the time to meet the needs of their children. Those dealing with custody issues should understand that, whether it is through mediation or litigation, divorced parents have options when it comes to resolving these problems.

Source:, “Parental tech time can cause behavioral problems in kids,” Constance Gibbs, May 24, 2017

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