Facing the divorce process can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. However, having the right attorney on your side throughout the ordeal can make the divorce process much less stressful. If you plan to end your marriage in Springfield, IL, talk with one of our professionals. It is vital to understand the importance of legal representation as you navigate this situation. You should know what to expect from the attorney you hire to represent your interests.

It is a common mistake for people facing divorce to believe that they do not need legal counsel to navigate the process successfully. You and your spouse may have made a mutual decision to end your marriage without animosity. However, divorce is still a complicated legal process that can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming for both of you. While you might initially believe that the two of you can successfully navigate the process without legal representation, most couples eventually recognize the need for reliable legal counsel.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Divorce entails more than just ending your marriage. It is also the legal process of transferring ownership rights of your marital property. If you and your spouse have children, your divorce process will also entail the court’s determination of custody rights and support requirements for the two of you. Navigating these issues is emotionally stressful and challenging on a practical level. Attempting to do so without legal representation can cause significant problems for you in the future, including increasing the likelihood that you will need to modify your divorce order in the future.

Hiring an attorney can help you avoid a great deal of the stress that typically comes with divorce proceedings. Your attorney will begin by helping you handle your procedural obligations with the court. This may include filing your divorce petition, helping you draft your response to your spouse’s filed divorce petition, filing necessary paperwork with the court, and handling any scheduling.

An experienced attorney can help you approach the entire divorce process with more confidence. For example, if you are facing a high net worth divorce, your attorney can coordinate expert witness testimony that helps you approach the situation with greater clarity. Experts like forensic accountants, medical professionals, and economic advisors may all play crucial roles in your divorce case, and you would be unlikely to locate these experts and retain their services on your own.

How Your Attorney Helps During Divorce Litigation

In the event your divorce case proceeds to a trial, your attorney will be instrumental in navigating the process. In most cases, divorce proceedings will take several days in court before reaching any conclusions. It is also common to experience long gaps between your court proceedings, so it will likely take several months for your legal teams to complete the discovery phase of litigation.

Your attorney can assist in multiple ways throughout the divorce litigation process. First, they will help you with pre-trial motions and the beginning phases of litigation before delving into discovery. The discovery process is the phase in which both parties involved in a legal case share their material evidence and documentation to ensure there are no surprises in court. Once discovery ends, court proceedings may involve you and your spouse offering testimony before the court, calling witnesses to the stand, and cross-examination of each witness.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for Divorce Mediation

Most modern divorce attorneys will encourage their clients to explore alternative dispute resolution whenever possible. Divorce mediation has become one of the most popular ways to resolve divorce in the US for many reasons. For example, mediation saves both parties time and money while allowing them to reach more personalized results when it comes to property division, alimony, and other practical divorce issues.

However, child custody is one aspect of a divorce that cannot be fully resolved through mediation. A Springfield, IL family court judge must review the divorcing parents’ proposed parenting plan and ensure they have a custody and support agreement that suits the best interests of their children.

Some people mistakenly believe that working with a divorce mediator means they do not need to hire legal representation. However, while divorce mediators can answer general questions about legal statutes as they apply to the case, they may not offer any counsel that would benefit either spouse. If you plan to take advantage of divorce mediation, you should hire an experienced Springfield, IL divorce attorney. They can help you navigate the process and look out for your best interests throughout your mediation sessions.

Finding the Right Springfield, IL Divorce Attorney

Divorce is often cited as one of the most emotionally stressful experiences in life. Even if you and your spouse are on civil terms, the actual process of divorce can quickly become overwhelming. Finding an experienced Springfield, IL divorce lawyer will significantly reduce your stress during the process and help you approach the situation with more clarity and confidence.

Take time to research local Springfield, IL divorce lawyers and take advantage of free or discounted consultation offers whenever possible. These meetings will help you narrow down your options and allow you to find the most suitable attorney for your divorce case. Be sure to ask specific questions about your situation to gauge their ability to handle the unique aspects of your case. Ultimately, choose the Springfield, IL divorce attorney who helps you feel the most comfortable with the process.

Building a rapport with a trustworthy and experienced Springfield, IL divorce attorney will not only help you navigate your divorce case more easily but will also reduce the chances that you will need to revisit your divorce order in the future. If you do need to file a petition for modification or pursue contempt proceedings against your ex, you will already have a reliable attorney who is familiar with the specifics of your case. Your attorney can help guide you through these additional proceedings. Contact an experienced Springfield, IL divorce lawyer as soon as possible to learn more about your legal options for navigating the divorce process.