Economic uncertainty has increased dramatically for millions of Americans in recent years. Unfortunately, financial instability and arguments over money are leading causes of marital breakdowns and divorces in the United States. If you and your spouse are having trouble in your marriage and either or both of you are contemplating divorce, it’s understandable to be concerned about the financial implications your divorce will carry. This is especially true in periods of economic uncertainty, causing many spouses to wonder whether it would be better to wait for an economic upswing before filing for divorce.

Ultimately, when a marriage has broken down past any hope of repair, and the spouses make one another miserable on a consistent basis, keeping the marriage going longer than necessary can be frustrating and detrimental in various ways. Conversely, ending your marriage during a very challenging economic period can pose a host of long-term challenges for both spouses. This is especially true for divorcing business owners. But, again, an experienced Springfield family law attorney can provide the guidance and support you need when facing this difficult decision.

Benefits of Divorcing Sooner

For some people, divorce cannot happen soon enough. Some people, unfortunately, experience acute traumatic incidents like domestic violence that lead to divorce proceedings. However, if you believe you cannot wait to file your divorce petition and you need to end your marriage as soon as possible, there are a few benefits to doing so:

  • Ending your marriage as quickly as possible allows you to move on to the next stage of your life sooner.
  • If you and your spouse are relatively agreeable with one another, your divorce proceedings may not be very demanding, and if you are willing to compromise, you could negotiate a mutually agreeable divorce order that provides financial security for the future.
  • If you have experienced domestic violence or spousal abuse, it is crucial to take appropriate legal action, including ending your marriage to an abusive spouse.

If you are unsure whether you are in the best position to file for divorce or if it would be better for you to wait, it’s wise to consult an experienced Springfield family law attorney as soon as possible. Regardless of how you handle your initial divorce petition or when you decide to file it, you will need their legal counsel to navigate your divorce as efficiently as possible.

Potential Advantages of Delaying Your Divorce

Ending your marriage in Illinois means dividing marital property, resolving custody of your children, and assigning a child support obligation to the noncustodial parent. In addition, some divorced individuals will be required to pay alimony to their exes. If you are concerned about an economic downturn in the near future, it is crucial to consider whether it would be more prudent to divorce later than now. Some couples end their personal relationships but remain legally married for practical reasons. If you and your spouse are willing to reach this type of compromise or consider legal separation, you could potentially avoid the severe repercussions an economic downturn could have on a divorce.

If you believe it would be better for both you and your spouse to remain married for economic reasons, it is worth considering whether you should take this as an opportunity to try and repair your marriage or approach it as laying the groundwork for a future divorce. Of course, this is an entirely personal decision, but if you are concerned about the legal implications of either choice, it’s a good idea to consult an experienced Springfield family law attorney to help you make your decision.


Q: Do I Have to Hire a Springfield Divorce Attorney to File for Divorce?

A: Illinois state law does not require you to have legal counsel to begin divorce proceedings. However, it is always best to have legal counsel for this process. Your Springfield divorce attorney can help you make more informed decisions about your divorce, guide you through the preliminary petition filing process, and offer ongoing support through all stages of your divorce. You are far more likely to reach a positive conclusion if you have legal counsel you can trust assisting you.

Q: How Long Does it Take to Complete Divorce in Springfield?

A: Some divorcing couples are able to resolve their dissolution proceedings relatively quickly, while others endure several months or even more than a year of protracted and stressful divorce proceedings. Your Springfield family lawyer can provide an estimate of how long your divorce will take to resolve, but it’s important to remember that many unpredictable complications may arise that extend the time you will need to complete your divorce.

Q: What Happens If the Economy Worsens After My Divorce?

A: When your divorce order is created, the elements of the order are constructed based on your circumstances at the time of your divorce. For example, the amount you are required to pay in child support hinges on your income at the time of your divorce. Therefore, if an economic downturn after your divorce imposes financial stress on you and you cannot meet your obligations under your divorce order, you can petition the court for a reasonable modification that more accurately reflects your new circumstances.

Q: Can I Resolve My Divorce Privately in Springfield?

A: If you are concerned about saving money on your divorce, one of the best methods is to take advantage of alternative dispute resolution. Collaborative divorce and mediation enable divorcing spouses to avoid the stress and expense of litigation and reach more agreeable divorce terms than they would in family court. If you are interested in taking advantage of alternative dispute resolution, you will need an experienced Springfield divorce attorney to assist you.

When it comes to the timing of your divorce, this is ultimately a very personal decision. If you and your spouse are agreeable toward one another and willing to put personal preferences aside in favor of economic stability during unstable times, it may be worth postponing your divorce until financial metrics improve. If you’re unsure of the best solution to your current situation, contact an experienced Springfield, IL, divorce attorney you can trust for the answers you need.